January 6, 2015

Wedding Favors… Unfavorable?

Wedding Favors IdeasI can’t tell you how many times I have heard the same thing from my clients. “We don’t want to spend money on silly little tchotchkes no one cares about”. I tend to agree with them. There are, however, exceptions. I thought I would feature 5 types of favors that wedding guests tend to love.

  1. Something delicious
    This is an obvious one. Who doesn’t love a treat? This could be a personal or family favorite or something produced in the region the wedding is taking place, like a small bottle of local honey or olive oil.
  2. Lighten the mood
    Give something that will make for great photo ops, regardless of whether it will be used again. This could be sunglasses given before the ceremony, single-use cameras for after dinner or mini champagne with straws (something to note: Don’t put the straws into already opened bottles. Most of the decorative straws are made of paper and start to disintegrate in liquid pretty quickly. Instead, tie a straw to each bottle or display them nearby.).
  3. A treat for the next morning
    Coffee from a favorite roastery or scones and jam.
  4. A small experience
    A kit to make your own version of the signature drink would be fun (i.e. a muddler, mint, small bottle of rum and packet of sugar for mojito) or a Smore’s kit. These types of favors can also be more extravagant, like a wine glass with someone on site etching each guests name.  I once went to a party where this was done and everyone loved it.
  5. Double Duty
    You can always give your gift at the end of the night as everyone heads out the door or you can get a little more out of your gift by using your them as escort cards by adding a tag with each guest’s name and table assignment. Or get the most out of your dessert bar by adding take away containers.

You will have a lot more than you think on your to do list the weeks leading up to your big day (unless, of course, you hire me;). For this reason I recommend staying away from homemade items or anything too DIY. And do everyone and your wallet a favor and skip the tchotchkes!


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