Annette + Scott

Bride + Groom

I’m not one of those brides who had a grand vision of my wedding from the age of 10. I was actually dreading it (the planning, not the marriage). The idea of having to sift through linen colors made me want to stab myself with a spork. The hubby and I had actually eloped the year before, but were having a Catholic ceremony to please my crazy Asian parents. I knew I needed help. Enter Milk & Honey Special Events. They were referred by a colleague, and she turned out to be my fairy godmother. She handled month-of/day-of coordination and design/decor. Thanks to them, we had a lovely wedding in Palo Alto that made both my traditional Vietnamese family happy as well as the groom’s Texas relatives. No mean feat. Whenever I got super stressed out, she was calm and reassuring. They have impeccable taste and can be relied upon for advice and guidance on pretty much anything wedding-related. I can’t tell how wonderful it feels to have someone else worry about details on your wedding day while you just concentrate on walking down the aisle without tripping on your train.